Saturday, 26 February 2011

Kikuchi, 14 Hanway Street, W1

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Now, I think it is safe to say that in London, excellent sushi is nearly impossible to find. It took us 2 years of looking and when we found Kikuchi, it was as if we were being rewarded for all the bad, overpriced, over-slick places we endured before.

Like junkies, there was a time when Mr. E.P. and I would go to Kikuchi nearly every week but as it is an expensive habit (even with the discount cards they give out with the bill), we curtailed it for a bit.

I found this review in the Guardian:
and it is so right on that there's nothing more for me to say on the subject except that the waitress aren't all sweet - they're mostly pretty brusque (boarding on rude) and since the renovation in January, it's a little to slick looking (I actually miss the threadbare carpet, terrifying women's room, and temperamental heating and air conditioning). So, while the food is still amazing, the atmosphere has become very generic (except for the waitress and their ever-present scowls).

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